Life is like a Movie. So select your career just like you select movies to watch. Some people individually select their movie, other follow their fellow groups and most decent one like to go with their parents’ choice. Same way results are obvious, we observe some individuals at top. They achieved that position just because of their hard work in their profession. Hard work is only possible when you have interest as well as trust what you are doing.

In current era, IT is the field with most job offering and highest  salary ever in world. Moreover  in the history of mankind, this is the field in which very young people become most richest person in world within very short period of time. This is all because they have interest and trust in their  profession.

IT has become a very huge field where we observed different field of specializations like software, hardware and SoPs. Software is basic and fundamental unit of IT field. Let’s  explore it.

There are two types of software with respect to their use. Personal use and Business use.

Personal Use Software: Windows, iOS and Android are big example of personal use software. These software are basically designed with personal needs of any individual human being. The logic and purpose to fulfill single person needs. Videos, music, gaming, browsing, chatting, social networking , online shopping etc are all example of single person needs. Microsoft, Google and Apple are big giant who produce personal use software in market. These organization also have education and learning paths in their respective domains.  Jobs market in personal use software is very big but its carrier path is limited to 3-5k USD per month average.

People with FA/BA and arts education back ground are highly encourage to join this domain as it is more relevant for their carrier path. Comp TIA A+, Windows Certification are example for certification paths in personal use software.  Personal use software keep changing with the requirements very frequently.

Business Use Software: IBM, Oracle SAP, Salesforce are example of business use software. They are also known as Business  support System BSS. BSS are basically designed to support organizations business process like finance, manufacturing, supply chain etc. BSS  are very costly and complex as compare to personal use software. Proper certification and experience is required to implement and manage BSS. In current competitive technology, no business can run without having a proper information management system. Even small shops now deploy sales system to control the business.

Proper certification and experienced professionals are preferred by organization to manage their business critical systems. Principle like IBM, Oracle offered complete certification paths to manage their respective software. Organization pay very well salaries in this domain.

BSS run on specialized hardware and for communication between business software and their end business users, a special networks are required. Organizations also require professionals to manage the required  infrastructure to run their business critical software.

All individual with Computer ,Science and Engineering  education background encourage to join this domain. This is proper IT professional domain with excellent salaries and long term carrier paths. After completing certified specialization, one may find some time to get suitable platform for hands on experience as organization never allow fresh people to touch their critical digital assets. However once you have 1-3 years of initial experience on any business use software, number of better and excellent opportunities will be open for you with long term carrier path. BSS do not change very frequently like personal use software.

Please note that there are huge number of field of specializations, both in personal and business use software. You must select carefully the exact career path which suite your interests.

For further details regarding more specific and required skill set 2017, I will share soon next article.