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Big Data

Traditionally companies use data warehousing technology to analyze the business trends with respect to companies own sales history. These analyses perform with standard ad-hock SQL queries.

However in the current age of digital transformation, cultures and customs are presenting on online and social media platforms. More and more people spent their time on these platforms and share their interests. Monitoring the interest of people on social and online platforms and analyzing the trends have become very important for any business. In addition monitoring the pricing trends with competitors and making real time decision is key for any successful business in the market.

Companies also start to use more complex analysis statistical algorithm in their analysis for more accurate and precise results with huge reference data (Web logs, Social media feed etc).

Too meet all these challenges, companies need a system which store huge amount of data and process it with required new business analysis algorithms formulas.

Hadoop Big Date Echo Systems with spark meets these requirements. This is the reason hadoop big data echo system have become de-fecto standard for large data processing.

Learning big data and developing carrier in this domain is highly beneficial especially in current  times.

Oralogic Education Systems provide best training with project based hands-on expertise on Hadoop technology framework. Our aim is to provide the quality teaching and developing the industry standard hands-on skill set of our students.  Industry leading professional teaches and lead the hands-on project.

Course: 1

Big Data Administration (HADOOP + SPARK + SQOOP + HIVE + FLUME + Others)

Course: 2

Big Data Development (Apache Spark Development: HDPCD)

Course: 3

Big Data Engineer (Spark Development + Data Ingestion)




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