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March 5, 2018
One Month


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Oracle Exadata is the best-performing, most available, and most secure architecture for running Oracle Database. Maintain high availability of your business-critical workloads and gain business productivity benefits worth US$70,000+ per 100 users with Oracle Exadata.

To stay competitive, you need predictable, reliable, high performance around the clock. With Oracle Exadata, you get exactly that. It’s the highest-performing, most available, and most secure architecture for running Oracle Database.

Forget about the disruptions, delays, and application and database downtime many businesses have come to expect. With Oracle Exadata, you can run more transactions and analytics up to 100x faster.

Access the data you need, exactly when you need it.

Oracle Exadata is a fully-integrated platform, engineered and optimized for Oracle Database. It can manage data spikes and unexpected changes, which is why it’s been adopted by the top four companies in manufacturing, government, telecoms, retail, and finance.

Oracle Exadata can significantly reduce your data-center footprint, slashing power-consumption costs and reducing data center floor-space consumption. You get operational cost savings in excess of US$10,000 per year, a return on your investment within 11 months, and a total, five-year ROI of 429 percent (on average).

With Oracle Exadata, the financial gains are both immediate and long-term. For starters, you’ll get higher performance and greater capacity at a lower total cost of ownership than from competitor platforms. It’s all thanks to our unique Oracle-only architecture and software algorithms—coengineered to work seamlessly together.

With Oracle Database Exadata Machine, you’ll need fewer commodity systems to run your existing database workloads. And, with less complex infrastructure to manage, you can cut OpEx such as floor space, power, and cooling, as well as database and other license costs.

And to help you manage your budgets further, there are a number of subscription options available too.

Oralogic Education Systems provide quality education in this key technology. We have most experienced professional who have extensive experience in managing and configuring Oracle Exadata Machine in most mission critical environments.

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Other Information: 

Course # DBAEXD01
Instructor Industry Professional
Course Oracle Exadata
Version Oracle11g, 12c
Duration One Month
Class Duration 3 Session a week, 2 hours
Medium In-Class, Online



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