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February 20, 2018
Three Months


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Data is always considered as most important asset in any organization. Organizations always prefer most professional database management software for their data management. Oracle database is considered as world’s No.1 RDBMS software. Oracle Database Systems are being used in industry since 1980. Though oracle face very tough competition in industry with its rivals like SQL SERVER and other open source databases, but still world’s most critical business systems deploy on oracle database systems. Developing career in oracle database software system is an excellent option.

HADOOP gain very huge popularity all over the world in recent years. Previously, organizations with large data volume utilize hadoop technology. But now even small to medium level organization start to consider this technology for complex business analytics. HADOOP is an outstanding open source framework for big data processing and analysis.

Hadoop knowledge has become very important for any database administrator as both technologies relate with database management and processing domain.

Oralogic Education Systems if offering a course which covers the most comprehensive Oracle Database Management system with Hadoop technology option. After completing this course, professional can successfully manage current running oracle database in industry, upgrade to latest available oracle database 12c. In addition, professional can integrate Oracle database with Hadoop framework for successful processing of complex business analytics.

Oralogic Education Systems provide quality education in this key technology. We have most experienced professional who have extensive experience in managing and configuring Oracle Database software in most mission critical environments.


Course Contents:

1- Oracle

  • Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL (Advanced Level)
  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration II
  • Oracle 12c Multitenant Architecture Administration


  • HADOOP Introduction
  • HADOOP Architecture
  • Single Node Installation
  • Multi Node Installation
  • Checking hadoop processes and filesystem
  • Ingesting Data
  • Admin commands
  • Configure Hive
  • Configure Sqoop


Other Information: 

Course # DBAHDP01
Instructor Industry Professional
Course Oracle + Hadoop Admin
Version Oracle11g, 12c  Hadoop 2.7
Duration 3 Months (12 Weeks)
Class Duration 3 Session a week, 2 hours
Medium In-Class, Online



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