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November 18, 2017
1 Month


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Middleware is one of the top 10 required I.T skills in market. Companies run different software applications to meet the specific requirements of their business functions and departments. In certain cases, some specific software application communicate outside the company with other software application to process business function like credit card payments, SMS notifications etc.

Companies are working on complete automation of all business functions/department  i.e there software applications are integrated in such a way, which provide centralized control and real time information integration.

This key requirement is achieved through middleware software systems. Oracle Fusion Middleware (Weblogic 12c) software systems is consider No.1 middleware solution in I.T industry. Oracle Fusion Middleware (Weblogic 12c) is fully java complained. It is most comprehensive middleware platform for software application integration. Oracle Corporation itself is shifting their largest software technology stack on this No.1 middleware.

Oracle Fusion Middleware (Weblogic 12c) provides most secure and comprehensive infrastructure to deploy and access mission critical software applications with data integration services.

Oralogic Education Systems provide best education services for Weblogic 12c course. Our aim is to develop complete skill set with hands-on experience of our student to meet the industry requirements.

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Course # WLG01
Course Weblogic 12c Administration
Version 12c
Duration 6 weeks (12-15 lectures)
Class Duration 2 hours
Medium Instructor Led – Online
Fee 35,000/-


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