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SAP Business One

Introduction: Oralogic Education Systems offer SAP Business one complete training course according to SAP defined course contents as mentioned below. In addition to training course, We offer free online training session on advanced level of SAP business one for students who attend their course with satisfied level.  Our aim is to develop successful career of […]

Oracle Performance Management and Tuning

Introduction: In the Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management and Tuning course, learn about the performance analysis and tuning tasks expected of a DBA: proactive management through built-in performance analysis features and tools, diagnosis and tuning of the Oracle Database instance components, and diagnosis and tuning of SQL-related performance issues. In this course, you will be […]

Oracle VLDB & Partitioning

Modern enterprises frequently run mission-critical databases containing upwards of several hundred gigabytes, and often several terabytes of data. These enterprises are challenged by the support and maintenance requirements of very large databases (VLDB), and must devise methods to meet those challenges. This chapter contains an overview of VLDB topics, with emphasis on partitioning as a […]

Oracle Exadata

Introduction: Oracle Exadata is the best-performing, most available, and most secure architecture for running Oracle Database. Maintain high availability of your business-critical workloads and gain business productivity benefits worth US$70,000+ per 100 users with Oracle Exadata. To stay competitive, you need predictable, reliable, high performance around the clock. With Oracle Exadata, you get exactly that. […]

Oracle GoldenGate

Introduction: Oracle GoldenGate is a comprehensive software package for real-time data integration and replication in heterogeneous IT environments. The product set enables high availability solutions, real-time data integration, transactional change data capture, data replication, transformations, and verification between operational and analytical enterprise systems. Oracle GoldenGate 12c brings extreme performance with simplified configuration and management, tighter […]

Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)

Introduction: Oracle Real Application Clusters provides customers with the highest database availability by removing individual database servers as a single point of failure. In a clustered server environment, the database itself is shared across a pool of servers, which means that if any server in the server pool fails, the database continues to run on […]

Oracle Data Guard

Introduction: Oracle Data Guard ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data. Data Guard provides a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases to enable production Oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruptions. Data Guard maintains these standby databases as transnationally consistent copies […]

Oracle DBA with Hadoop

Introduction: Data is always considered as most important asset in any organization. Organizations always prefer most professional database management software for their data management. Oracle database is considered as world’s No.1 RDBMS software. Oracle Database Systems are being used in industry since 1980. Though oracle face very tough competition in industry with its rivals like […]

Certified .Net Specialist Program

Introduction: .NET is one the most demanding IT technology in market and an excellent career option for candidates who have deep interest in web development. Microsoft .NET development platform provide leading technologies and framework for best and responsive web application development. Oralogic Education Systems provide best training with project based hands-on expertise on .NET developer […]

Hadoop Administration

Oralogic Education Systems provide best training with project based hands-on expertise on Hadoop technology framework. Our aim is to provide the quality teaching and developing the industry standard hands-on skill set of our students. Course Contents Big Data Overview Hadoop Architecture Single Node Installation Multi-Node Installation Basic Hadoop Command Hadoop Architecture in Details Hadoop Configurations […]


Introduction: Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool essential for managing and presenting data in today’s working environment. In this Microsoft Excel training course, you gain the knowledge and skills to create and edit worksheets, use formulas and functions, sort and filter detail data visually, and present summary information in a consumable and professional format. Today, […]

Spark (Hadoop) Developer Course

Oralogic Education Systems provide best training with project based hands-on expertise on Hadoop technology framework. Our aim is to provide the quality teaching and developing the industry standard hands-on skill set of our students. SCALA Installation Basic (Overview, Literals, Values, Variable, Types & String) If Else, Loop (For & While) & Function List, Set, Collection […]

Oracle Weblogic 12c

Introduction: Middleware is one of the top 10 required I.T skills in market. Companies run different software applications to meet the specific requirements of their business functions and departments. In certain cases, some specific software application communicate outside the company with other software application to process business function like credit card payments, SMS notifications etc. […]

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud is future and most demanding job role in Market.

Oracle Database Administration (DBA)

No.1 Database Oracle. Most comprehensive and practical OCP Course. Cover all required domain. After Completing the course you will be eligible to apear in OCP 11g exam.

Oracle Enterprise Business Suite R12 Administration

Complete Oracle EBS R12 DBA Course. After Completing the course candidate can easily manage EBS technical side with full confidence.

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)

Oracle ADF is most demanding skill set in market for enterprise class software development. Companies provide most attractive salaries with long term carrier commitment.

Oracle Financials

This R12.X Financial Applications training teaches you the basics of Oracle Financial Applications. Learn to use General Ledger, Purchasing, Payables, Fixed Assets, Order Management, Accounts Receivables, Cash Management, Projects and more.


The Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Advanced Supply Chain Planning Certified Expert Consultant Certification is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise in implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Planning solutions.