Integrated transaction- and customer-centric application performance monitoring.

Retain customers, minimize abandonment and maximize revenue streams through optimizing the performance of your web applications. Inform organizational decisions by providing your application support, IT operations, development, and business stakeholders with answers, not just data.

Our application performance monitoring (APM) solution helps you reduce downtime and quickly resolve issues while maintaining business productivity. Eliminate the risk of application launches, mobile or cloud migrations and technology upgrades by providing users with a single lens for reporting on business functions.


Foglight Application Performance Monitoring


Foglight APM blends business context with deep technical insight, unifying all users and data within a structured model built around transactions – leveraging our patent-pending TransactionDNA technology.

When optionally combined with other Foglight performance monitoring capabilities for database, virtualization or storage, Foglight APM complements a full range of enterprise monitoring strategies. Whether you follow a traditional data center model, or a hybrid cloud model, you can be sure your performance management needs are covered.

User Experience Monitoring

Capture both performance and content of every click by every user.


Unify data and relationships across all transaction dimensions from the browser to the database, from the code to the hypervisor.

Advanced analytics

Tackle the big data problem of APM with actionable insights from powerful and intuitive dashboards with pre-defined dimensions.

Enhanced collaboration

Extend monitoring data to other stakeholders to enable maximum team collaboration based on a common platform.


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