Java Application Performance Monitoring

Get production-ready application performance monitoring (APM) for your Java apps, regardless of whether problems reside in the code or the container. Improve your Java performance management by isolating application problems in the transaction path and identifying the root cause.

Manage Java performance and availability from the end user to the database, and detect performance and memory problems all the way down to the offending line of code. Gain deep insight across your application stack while reducing mean time to resolution by tracking individual users in production, so you can quickly pinpoint and resolve issues.


Foglight for Java


Monitor Java Applications 24×7

Leverage multi-level byte code instrumentation options to improve your Java performance monitoring flexibility, and gain high value with limited overhead.

Real-time alerts and intuitive workflows

Track individual requests for method-level details to facilitate triage and diagnosis. Visualize the transaction path and response time breakdown across the run-time architecture, and receive real-time alerts to prevent user impacts.

TransactionDNA technology

Leverage a data model that uses transactions as the framework for unifying disparate sources of rich IT data for dashboards, visualizations and analysis.

Application flow maps

Visualize your full transaction flow through application server and middleware tiers application flow maps. Optionally extend mapping to include the client browser, database and storage systems, and all network devices along the path with additional Foglight cartridges.

Auto-detection of application run-time architecture

Keep up with dynamic production environment changes, including vMotion, by visualizing accurate transaction paths.


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