Infrastructure monitoring is key requirement in an enterprise IT environment. Applications, OS and Hardware provide some basic level of monitoring utilities and commands. But the actual requirement of consolidated reports and data visualization is not addressed properly.
Foglight for Operating Systems is best software to monitor the critical IT infrastructure with all required feature sets.
With Foglight for Operating Systems you can consistently monitor and manage the operating system that underlies every application, database, network device and server running in your environment. Connect different parts of your IT environment under one centralized platform, so you can visualize core physical and virtual metrics, and act upon them.



Foglight for Operating Systems



Supported operating systems

– Microsoft Windows
– RedHat & CentOS
– Novell SLES
– Sun Solaris


Unified host model
Enable aggregate collections, including I/O utilization spanning multiple systems or aggregate CPU utilization, with a uniform approach that manages different operating systems and hosts.

Graphical diagnostic capabilities
Identify when a problem starts and its cause with real-time graphics of key operating system processes, and drill-downs into system metrics.

Collection of numerous metrics
Gather key metrics on storage capacity trends, top I/O users, memory availability and consumption, top system users and CPU utilization.

Log file content and disk activity monitoring
Create alarms and events based on operating system content and files. Use agents and establish alarms when the content matches regular expression filters so you can monitor the log file content for OS errors.

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