Jobs Problems and Solution

New generation  is facing sever challenges in Pakistan’s job market. Education system is totally crashed. Worst of all, golden time of learning age is wasted in useless job opportunities.

Employer promise for better compensation and reward for hard work. But after years of hard work, when employees ask for their rewards, they are simply throughout with new replacement on their position. This trend has become common practice from small to large multi-national  employers in Pakistan. People also applied online on number of recruiting website but no response.

Question here is that how to make a successful carrier under these circumstances and achieve the dreams of life. First  thing, everyone must remember that nothing is impossible in the world and secondly there are always opportunities in market.

World has been become global village, So first of all think globally. Once you start to think globally, you will also start to find opportunities. Secondly, Global communities always like and prefer professionals. To become a professional, you must follow the following guidelines.

Carrier Path:  you must search international forum relevant to your area of expertise. Like in IT, LinkedIn, Gartner are forums on which you can analyze the most required skill sets in global village. Select carefully the skill set which suite you and have some prior knowledge in it. Big Data (Hadoop), Cloud (AWS) are examples of most hot required skill set in global market. Whereas VMware, CCN… domains have passed either their half-life or at the end of expiration example. Never and ever follow the salary graphs. If you are not clear than consult with domain professionals of your area of interest.

Course and Skills: Do complete course learning  under the supervision of expert professional. This is most important part of your carrier. Installing products and navigate though some basic setup/configuration (and relaying on google for any unseen situation) do not mean you have learn all the product. Remember this is just first chapter of your domain. There are another 20-25 chapter remaining. Learning under professional save your lot of time and provide you more big picture in your respected domain. In current technology era, training on all required skill sets available online.

Certification: Always complete your certification in your relevant area. This is the stamp which recognize your skill set globally.  Learning under professional and completing certification will give you extraordinary confidence and specking power in your relevant area of skills. At this stage you have completed 70% of the path.

Soft Skills: It is one of the most required skills  in global market. In global market, you have to communicate with different communities, genders and region under different circumstances. It is preferable to attend proper classes for following areas

  •  Professional writing
  •  Email writing
  •  SMS writing
  •  Phone calls communication
  •  Time and Stress Management
  •  Presentation skills

Blogging and Knowledge Sharing: Once you have achieve professional certifications and soft skills than you are ready to demonstrate it through blogging and knowledge sharing. You can check the blogs related to common problems relevant to your area of expertise and suggest solution. You can even upload video related to your skill set on common forms like you tube etc. If you go on youtube, you will observe people have upload their videos even for very simple issues like copy and paste skills.

Social Networking: This is one of the most important part, once you have completed all the required skills, certification and knowledge. A professional must create a complete LinkedIn profile as per LinkedIn direction. Note that most professional organization now hire only through recruiting consultant. Although recruiting consultant post jobs on their portals but they provide required skill set through LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn platform provide complete profile with references.

Hope you will find the article interesting.


Rizwan  Islam