Oracle to SQL Server Data Replication in SharePlex

SharePlex, world renowned as a leading Oracle high availability solution increases Dell’s expanding footprint of heterogeneous database support in version 8.6 with SharePlex for SQL Server. Version 8.6 enables IT staff to make copies of Oracle data in SQL Server databases to offload reporting, improve business intelligence, and implement an affordable archive and data warehouse. The new release brings the number of certified target platforms for SharePlex replication support to eight, including: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), Java Message Service (JMS), and SQL and XML files. This heterogeneous support allows customers to streamline operations while maximizing the value of their data to drive better business insights.


Oracle to SQL Server Data Replication

A number of other noteworthy enhancements in SharePlex v8.6 include:

  • Oracle to SQL Server replication and data integration
  • Replication to XML file
  • Support for Oracle 12c multitenant database allows replication to/from/among Oracle Pluggable Database (PDB) and Container Database (CDB)
  • Better process statistic details in the trace command summary and enhanced export details
  • Improved performance to “Post” processing with 2 new added parameters to improve throughput when applying data to Oracle targets. The 2 new options allow users to increase level of concurrency and reduce number of commits.

For more information, read the related What’s New in SharePlex 8.6 technical brief or watch the SharePlex 8.6 New Features video.

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